Dining table

Wood dining table

A small wood block becomes a big dining room table

This is a precious example example of a perfect transformation from a solid wood block into a big dining room table. The unaassmbled package is an iconic wood block. The assembled table is an symbol of simplicity and home comfort. Both are perfectly designed and optimized. One is great for storing and transporting. The other is exxcelent on a daily use. Design is nowdays providing states of the matter to daily objects…

It’s simplicity is also a symbolic link to the ancient values of a table. It can therefore well fit inside classic spaces. But we can also say from this dining table that it persues the simplicity of modernity having no ornaments but the simple natural wood texture. This way, we can also say that it will fit perfectly inside contemporary and modern architecture spaces.

The legs were designed with caution and detail allowing perfect comfort and functionality since all four table sides can be used in a comfortable way. It’s interlocking joints are also a reason for a solid and strong performance from this piece of furniture.

Natural poplar is it’s default finish. Nonetheless, this dining table is also available in several finishing by special order. Feel free to contact us as you wish.


Article No.Description
DT-01Poplar dining table
DT-02Black Poplar dining table


Article No.DescriptionPackage size ( cm )Assembled size ( cm )
DT-01Poplar dining table70 x 140 x 5 cm3140 x 140 x 70 cm3
DT-02Black Poplar dining table70 x 140 x 5 cm3140 x 140 x 70 cm3