Ecological Furniture

Luxury furniture you can afford

Environment friendly furniture is our main passion. We at Onchange fight for a better environment, providing high quality eco-design products with an affordable price. We put our vast knowledge and expertise on our work aiming always for environment friendly furniture. Our ambition is to provide design services and collections gathering the very best ecological design ideas and eco products with timeless appeal and qualities that outlive temporary trends.

We apply several eco design concepts leaving room for a better environment. Firstly our raw materials are chosen carefully. We use sustainably harvested wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Using sustainably harvested woods can mean using softer but fast growing trees like pine, ash or poplar and grass like bamboo. At the same time, some of our furniture is made from reclaimed wood that has been removed from old houses or other structures. We prefer fabrics like organic cotton and wool that have fewer negative effects on the environment than synthetic fabrics such as polyester. We try to avoid the massive use of iron and paints or varnishes containing chemicals like tolulene that can cause respiratory and other health problems.

Onchange developed design solutions that allow for a reduction of co2 emissions on our products transportation. Our ecological friendly furniture is divided in several parts thus generating smaller and optimized packages with affordable transport costs. Goods transportation is a major source of carbon emissions and any effort on packaging and shipping optimization reduces enormously our environment footprint.

We also make our clients happier interlocking our products with fun and creating beautiful objects. Please join us on this quest for a better environment. You enjoy our intelligent joinery and you will be able to pack and store our furniture in a very convenient way. Our design simplicity is also a charm source, beautiful and cleverly functional. Our ambition is to watch our furniture achieving a beautiful patina with the passing of the years.


We are a small company working from southern Europe ( Portugal ). We are located in a traditional city ( Porto )famous for ecologic international luxury products such as the Port wine. We also try to be inspired by such international quality in our designs. We joined our designers talent in order to provide quality designs with ecologic consciousnesses. Feel free to contact us if you have any doubt or question. We always look forward to hearing your opinions and suggestions.


Furniture Collections

Outliving fundamental design trends

We design our collections aiming to use fundamental trends on our designs that have enough potential to generate timeless meanings. Our ambition is to design a long term trend that can be adapted to different spaces and concepts across several eras.

Our furniture can be used on modern and classic houses outstanding it’s inner design qualities and the surrounding environment. This timeless designs are in fact another approach to reach ecologic goals. We design for sustainability and fight against irresponsible mass consumption and temporary use.

Our collections join a group of products sharing the same principle, it may be a material, a form, a similar function, an aesthetic property or even an ideal of comfort. Nonetheless each piece lives by itself and has also it’s own particular identity inside the group of designs. We like to see them contrasting with other designs on different houses but also combined with objects from the same collection.

Our collections, even different in shape, materials, colors, textures, perfumes and touches will always share the same fundamental principle of ecologic distribution and production, fun and flexible use and careful design, since these are the most important brand features. We hope you enjoy these furniture designs at least as much as we enjoyed designing them.


Our Natural wood collection is our first group of products. We hope you enjoy the texture of natural wood, it’s perfume, beauty and sustainability. We design our natural wood furniture with flexibility allowing good beautiful decorations on modern architecture interiors and on old classic spaces. Please have a close look at our showroom slideshow and feel free to ask us any question you may have.


Do you want a sustainable furniture?

Get an exclusive environment friendly design

We are extremely commited in fighting for a better environment. Our services range from small to large scale production of furniture design for specific needs. You can contact us if you need a new direction on your furniture brand, a design hotel, or a fine tunned ecological furniture with specific needs.


Onchange furniture design team

Our designers are our precious value

We at Onchange consider our designers the most important onchange asset. Their work makes everything possible. Feel free to contact each one of them and read each profile.

Ricardo Cruz

2000 Educated at Oporto University, gaining a 1st Class Honours Degree

2000/2001 Worked with the Portuguese architect João Álvaro Rocha

2001/2002 Worked with the Portuguese architect Camilo Rebelo

2002/2006 Worked with the Portuguese architect Eduardo Souto de Moura

2003 Co-founder architect of Utopia – Architecture and Engineering design practice.

2012 Co-founder designer of Onchange

Susana Barros

2000 Educated at Oporto University, gaining a 1st Class Honours Degree

2000/2001 Worked with the Portuguese architect João Álvaro Rocha

2002/2006 Worked with the Portuguese architect Camilo Cortesão

2003 Co-founder architect of Utopia – Architecture and Engineering design practice.

2012 Co-founder designer of Onchange


Onchange furniture contact

Inquiry us with your challenge

We at Onchange like to be challenged permanently. Our design team has also worked with specific design needs for specific products wether large or small scale, wether a big or small nuber of unities for domestic use or industrial, touristic or even cultural installations.

Feedback is also welcome. If you sell our products and would like to change something accoding to your opinion or your customors opinion feel free to ask us.

At the same time if you bought on of our products and discovered how to use it in a different way or have any suggestion we would love to hear it and improve.

Our headquarters

If you want you can visit our headquarters. We are based in Portugal, a Southern European country member of he European Union. We are located in Oporto, city famous for the Port wine and the associated touristic and cultural activity. We look forward to have a word with you and your design challenge.