Onchange furniture contact

Inquiry us with your challenge

We at Onchange like to be challenged permanently. Our design team has also worked with specific design needs for specific products wether large or small scale, wether a big or small nuber of unities for domestic use or industrial, touristic or even cultural installations.

Feedback is also welcome. If you sell our products and would like to change something accoding to your opinion or your customors opinion feel free to ask us.

At the same time if you bought on of our products and discovered how to use it in a different way or have any suggestion we would love to hear it and improve.

Our headquarters

If you want you can visit our headquarters. We are based in Portugal, a Southern European country member of he European Union. We are located in Oporto, city famous for the Port wine and the associated touristic and cultural activity. We look forward to have a word with you and your design challenge.