Where to buy our eco furniture?

How to get onchange sustainable furniture

We have at the moment several ways to sell our products. Our main objective is to make our sustainable designs available everywhere with a minimum cost taking advantage of the competitiveness of our certified retailers. You can therefore buy our items in two ways:

Online – You can find a store like furnitureonchange and buy our products there. After payment confirmation the products you order will then be sent to your home in a traditional onchange flat package.

Local distributor – You can contact a local store of your preference and ask for a genuine onchange piece of furniture. If the local store has already sold one of our items, they can answer the order imediatly. Otherwise, the local distributor just needs to become one of our resellers wich can be done imediatly and we will then process your order.

Didn’t find an online distributor with your language?

Consider becoming an online onchange reseller with your country’s language. It is simple and fast. Contact us and we will be pleased to help you.

Didn’t find a local store distributor on your country?

Consider becoming our exclusive partner on your country. It is very easy and can be very profitable. Contact us and get one of our business proposals.