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How to become a onchange eco furniture distributor?

We extremely committed in fighting for a better environment. Join us on this quest. We have several options for you to use. You can sell our ecologic products on your local store or online on your home country. This way we can have reduce even more the carbon emissions since we compact bigger packages and reduce even more the transportation costs. See below our options and contact us for further details on the matter:

Online furniture distributor – You can be an Onchange distributor within a geographic area if still available and provide all products and information to our customers. You can have exclusivity within several conditions. You can sell other brands too if some requirements are met.

Local Furniture Store – You can also sell our onchange designs on your local store. Geographical exclusivity may also be an option when available and you can also sell other furniture brands if you want.


We have several clients that asked for an exclusive edition to sell on their hotels and tourism facilities. In fact, our products are very easy to sell and pack when traveling. Feel free to contact us and challenge our designers with your ambitions. We like to be tested and always aim to achieve new design levels.